We offer a worldwide film production service in High Definition, with optimal communication solutions. Our research and screenplay-writing services can save you time. We are happy to work with your ideas or come up with new ways to bring your message across with impact.

We film in the various high-resolution HD formats – HDCAM, RED or ARRI ALEXA – and also make use of compact, low-cost small HD cameras, for reportage and Internet clips, particularly for short-life film portraits.

Production costs vary; short video clips or straightforward industry films start at CHF 5,000 while high-class image films or TV commercials filmed in more complex locations with actors and large crews start at approx. CHF 25,000 and can run to many times that budget.


Post – Production

We cover the most important areas of film and video post-production – from direct image-processing to computer graphics and animations. We can draw on a wide network of specialists for post-production work.

In our studios we cover all the standard digital formats as well as High Definition and worldwide SD television standards such as Digital Beta, DVC PRO and Betacam. We work on standard image processing software including Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro and offer a complete infrastructure including speakers’ booths, audio archive, worldwide stock footage, a meeting room, kitchen and dining areas.

Our studios are also available for hire.